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Grab Bag - Additional Services

Since video marketing is so compelling, we can’t completely file our work into cookie-cutter categories. That’s why we call this section the Grab Bag. Maybe we’re a little biased, but we love this category because it’s full of simple, yet genius ways to showcase something the world needs to see. If you have an insanely awesome idea for a video, let Gifford Video turn that into a reality.

Egg Harbor Alefest

Is there a better way to promote a laid-back festival filled with beer and music than a beer- and music-filled video? Well, maybe if you could taste the beer through the screen! The Egg Harbor AleFest in Door County, WI, is a craft beer tasting festival featuring more than 160 beers. Check out this grab bag video and see what we brewed up for the Egg Harbor AleFest. Prost!

Winter Fest in the Door

Wisconsin winters are too long to sit inside and wait for summer. So why not throw a winter party? Fish Creek, WI, puts on a winter festival every year to celebrate what winter has to offer. From pond hockey to a bike toss, this festival gives locals a reason to forget about the warm summer days yet to come. Watch this action-packed grab bag video that we made for the Fish Creek Winter Festival.

A Special Holiday Greeting - Third Space Brewing

Want to send your customers a unique holiday greeting? Ditch the forgettable holiday card and send them a custom video instead. No matter what holiday you or your customers celebrate, a video greeting delivers a personal touch. Check out the special holiday greeting grab bag video featuring THE CRAZIES from the Fish Creek Winter Festival.