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Business Promotions Videos

What’s the first thing you consider before purchasing a product or service? Are you more likely to press the “buy” button if the product has a good description and photos showing a few different angles? OR does watching a video of how the product or service works leave you more informed and enlightened with the “I gotta have it!” mentality? Exactly our point.

Our promotional business services allow you to advertise your product or service with one of the most powerful forms of promotion. From instructional videos, trade show videos, TV commercials, customer testimonials, sharing industry expertise, to showing off the product’s features, Gifford Video can make your product come to life for your customers.

Athlete Performance Training Center

Ever wonder what the equation for success is? See what Steve Becker, owner of Athlete Performance training center, has to say. This is a prime example of how Gifford Video can help you promote your business.

The Feed Bag (Aquatics)

It’s more than a retail store. The Feed Bag offers an aquatics department you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you are a beginner or an extreme fish enthusiast, the aquatics department is one you have to visit! This business promotion video allows The Feed Bag to set themselves apart from the standard pet supply store. Let Gifford Video help you swim with the big fish!

Nielsen-Massey Rose Water

A drop of rose water is the perfect secret ingredient every time. This video explores the variety of uses for Nielsen-Massey Rose Water and its global appeal. This informative – not to mention delicious – video shows you what Gifford Video can do to help promote your special product.