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Corporate Training

Your time is important. Whether you’re a business owner or an HR manager, you know how much time, energy, and money go into training a new employee – a lot, right? And because you’re a savvy businessperson who cares about your employees and customers, you want it to be done the right way, every time. You need results. We get it. We’re the same way.

Our corporate training videos are the perfect tool to get your employees up to speed efficiently and effectively. You can train them on demand about your products, services, or policies with the verbiage and delivery you want, no matter where your employees are: on the road, working remotely, or in the office. So you can hire for character, while teaching the skill.

Efficient training means happier management, more consistent employees, and most importantly, happy customers. Check out some of our corporate training videos and see what we mean.

Mastering the DLSS Metal Roof 45-Degree Angle

Watch Lou, a metal craftsman and trainer, as he demonstrates how to create the perfect 45-degree angle on a Double-Lok Standing Seam (DLSS) Metal Roof. His years of experience, skills, and techniques are clearly evident. Create corporate training videos just like this one to properly train each and every employee on demand.

How to Prevent Membrane Switch Failures

Corporate training videos don’t always have to be about training your employees – you can train your customers too! Watch as Mike Ryan, CEO of RSP Inc., provides tips on how to care for and properly install membrane switches. Helping your clients help themselves equals good PR, credibility, and trust.

Best Techniques to Brush Your Dog

Gifford Video corporate training videos aren’t always designed to train your employees. Think out of the box and train your clients! Try these brushing techniques at home to help prolong the perfect groom and maintain your dog’s coat, skin, and health.